E-D Glass Microfiber Filter

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◆ Hole size: 1.5um
◆ Thickness: 0.3mm
◆ Packing: 100pcs/pack
◆ Size: 25mm 37mm 47mm 90mm 142mm, 293mm and packing as required.


E-D Glass microfiber filter
Consistent uniformity and longer shelf life make it possible for custom cut sizes and bulk packaging. E-D Scientific Specialties containing no binders or other additives that may cause interference in sensitive enzymatic or other chemical reactions.

◆Pore size:1.5um
◆Thickness: 0.3mm
◆Same with Whatman934AH, Millipore AP-40, Advantec GC-50,
◆Diameter: 25mm 37mm 47mm 90mm 142mm 293mm Customization is accepted

It is used for a wide range of water monitoring applications including:
>Monitoring of rivers, lakes and coastal waters
>Purified discharge of wastewater treatment plants
>Monitoring discharge water from industrial plants
>Cell collection
>Liquid scintillation counting

E-D Glass Microfiber Filter

Grade 111: 1.2 μm


-General purpose

-Atmospheric monitoring

-Water pollution monitoring

-ASTM Designation D2068-97

Grade 121:1.0 μm


-Pre-filter for sub-micron membranes

-Clarification of liquid suspensions with fine particulate

-LSC (Liquid Scintillation Counting) techniques that require loading capacity

Grade 131:1.0 μm


-Harvesting cells

-Liquid scintillation

-Counting/analysis of carbohydrate

-Method 2530,B (particulate floatables)

-Method 3500-AL,E (aluminum-automated pyrocatechol violet/PVC method)

Grade 141:3.1 μm


-Depth type pre-filter before final membrane filters

-Combined with grade 121 to protect membrane filters

Grade 151:0.7 μm


-Higher flow and loading capacity than membrane filters

-Combiner with grade 141 for purification of nucleic acids and biochemical acids and biochemical fluids

-TCLP test methods

Grade 161:1.1 μm


-Water testing

-Air pollution monitoring

-Removal of turbidity

-Cell harvesting

-Liquid scintillation counting

-Analyzing moisture and fat content in food Method 7500-Ra,B

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