Oil-Free Vacuum Pump - VS08

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◆ Maximum vacuum: -700mmHg
◆ Rapid flow: 90 liters / minute
◆ Rotational speed: 1750 rpm
◆ Horse Power: 3/4 HP
◆ Noise: 61dB
◆ Voltage: 110V/60Hz and 220V/50Hz


 This product has no air pollution since it is oil free, so it is friendly to the environment and costly. The safety is high, long shelf life.
We got some International certications:
★ CE certification
★ CSA certication
★ UL Standard

It is low-cost single stage vacuum pump. It’s cheap in term of price and relatively effective for a most mid-sized air conditioner. It offers easy turns and goes start up well by the torque force.

It can pull up to 680mmHg with max flow rate to 22 liter per minute for pump using 110 Voltaire electricity and 18 liter per minute for one using 220 Voltaire electricity.

Every series pump of Finetech has a built in thermal protection device to shut off the pump automatically when overheated and then restart working when the temperature cools down.

The power of this pump is higher than others, it can reach up to 70 Watt. 
And the weight is 4.1kg for VS01, and 11kg for VS08, easy to carry.


★ Hign chemical resistant
★ No air pollution, maintenance free
★ Low vibration
★ High vacuum
★ High flow rate
★ High horsepower
★ Thermal protection device
★ Easy to carry design: smaller, lighter, and more portable
★ High performance, powerful pump
★ Runs steadily for long period of time

★ Filtration for microbiology test
★ Air sampling
★ Suspended solid test
★ Vacuum filtration 
PS: 1 mmHg ≒ 0.1333kPa ≒ 1.333 mbar


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